Feel-good Stories of the Week

Is Bale (finally) back?

A goal in Europe on Wednesday, followed by a brace against Burnley on Sunday? Much like everyone, I had my doubts when Tottenham re-signed their Welsh talisman on loan and until this week, I was pretty pleased with my prediction. But he looked really good at the weekend; his second goal against Burnley was very Bale-esque. And he looks happy. He finally, after many years of sitting on the bench at Real Madrid, looks like he’s enjoying his football again and that’s great. I think he could light up the Premier League for the remainder of the season now that he’s finally got his fitness and confidence back. It’s exciting for Spurs fans.

A Frenchman with a bicycle? How cliché.

Not only is he the most beautiful man in football, he’s really bloody good too. He’s always been seen as a target man because of his effectiveness in the air, but the amount of outrageous goals he scores is incredible, showcased by his bicycle kick in Chelsea’s win over Atletico. Imagine if Olivier Giroud had been at a team like AC Milan throughout the 90s! Actually, that’s given me an idea. I’m going to leave this here, but watch this space.

“Glenn was a true gentleman”

I didn’t know too much about Glenn Roeder prior to his death this week. I vaguely remember him managing Newcastle and my dad, a QPR fan, saw him captain his team in the 1982 FA Cup Final, but that’s about all I knew. The tributes and stories that have been pouring in have been incredible. When Don Hutchinson’s father was dying, Roeder told him to get in the car and drive up to see him and Roeder spent the entire 5 hour car journey on the phone with his midfielder. Nigel Pearson described him as a man with “incredible integrity, humility, warmth, humour and humanity”. Howard Wilkinson, the League Managers Association Chairman, said that Roeder’s “commitment and application to his work at all levels warrants special mention”. Roeder probably deserves his own piece in my blog, but I simply don’t know enough about the man. When people die, we always hear the positives, but there is always people who will remember something bad they did. I haven’t seen that with Roeder. It really does sound like he was a fantastic human being. Rest in peace Glenn Roeder.

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