Stepping in to Southgate’s Waistcoat- Part 4

I was going to keep this at 4 parts, but there are so many wingers I want to talk about that I’ve decided to split the wingers and attackers in to two separate parts. Also I tried writing this without mentioning the strikers name, but realised a lot of my reasoning for picking players wentContinue reading “Stepping in to Southgate’s Waistcoat- Part 4”

Stepping in to Southgate’s Waistcoat- Part 3

As I’ve gone for a 4-3-3 I’ve put wingers in the attackers post, so this will only cover central midfielders. For this reason, I’ve split it in to “Holding Midfielders” and “Attacking Midfielders”. The Holding Midfielders  Who starts?  I would start Jordan Henderson as England’s deepest midfielder on his own; at least in the groupContinue reading “Stepping in to Southgate’s Waistcoat- Part 3”

Manchester City’s Gunsung Hero

I initially wrote this prior to Gundogan’s double against West Brom on Tuesday night and had no plans to publish it until next week. But off the back of that performance, I’ve made a few tweaks and decided to post it today. People were already starting to pay attention before that game, so I’m notContinue reading “Manchester City’s Gunsung Hero”