2 Strikers, 1 Striker, False Striker… No Striker?

We often see trends come and go in football. In the 90s, Italy’s Serie A was a step above the rest, the 2000s saw the likes of Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard plying their trade in the Premier League and for the majority of the last ten years we have seen the twoContinue reading “2 Strikers, 1 Striker, False Striker… No Striker?”

Martin Tyler, Serial Pessimist

In the end, the highly-anticipated clash between Arsenal and Manchester City was rather underwhelming. An early header from Raheem Sterling and a defensive masterclass from Ruben Dias and John Stones were enough to seal the 3 points for high-flying City, but there was a moment of history in this game. And no, it wasn’t theContinue reading “Martin Tyler, Serial Pessimist”

“Really, is this what it has come to?”

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why you do certain things. But when I read David Walsh’s report on the Arsenal v Manchester United game in The Sunday Times, it made it very very easy to remember why I started this blog. It was hardly a match that we will be telling our grandchildren about, butContinue reading ““Really, is this what it has come to?””